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The only Electric Vehicle with Unlimited Range! 2011 North American Car of the Year! Rated 93 MPGe!

The Chevrolet VOLT is here… and KARL Chevrolet is proud to be an official Launch Market Dealer for the VOLT.

We’ve been closely following the VOLT since it first appeared as a concept at the New York Auto Show in the spring of 2007. Over the past several years, we’ve kept our customers informed of the VOLT’s progress from a bold concept to an award winning production vehicle.  We are excited to assist our customers as they begin to experience a world of electric driving.

For starters, here is a quick look at how the Volt achieve’s class leading fuel economy while allowing many drivers to use no gasoline during their regular daily commute:

In case you missed them, or if you just want to catch up on the VOLT’s development, here is a look back at some of our posts about the VOLT in reverse cronological order:

10/20/2011 – Behind the Scenes with Chevy Volt:  Real World Fuel Economy

Stamford CT resident Kurt O's Volt center display showing he has driven 5,702 miles and used just 0.3 gallons of gas!

10/10/2011 – National Plug-In Day comes to Connecticut!

9/19/2011 – Educating the Public about Chevy Volt

9/16/2011 – Chevy Volt and Chevy Cruze Eco at Live Green Connecticut!

Karl Chevrolet of New Canaan CT has been a long-time supporter of Live Green Connecticut!

8/22/2011 – Westport CT Opens Public EV Charging Station

7/16/2011 – Comparing the Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt

7/15/2011 – Real World Driving in the Chevy Volt – the first 2 million miles

5/26/2011 – Behind the Scenes with Chevy Volt:  Real World Drivng at less than 6 cents per mile

2/24/2011 – Chevy Volt gets leading role in Global Learning TV Series

2/4/2011 – Ribbon Cutting at Norwalk CT Public Charging Station

1/24/11  –  Behind the Scenes with Chevy VOLT:  A Video Tour

1/10/11  –  2011 Chevrolet Volt is named North American Car of the Year 

1/3/11  – In the News with Chevy VOLT

12/21/10  – The First Chevy VOLT sold in Connecticut is on the Road

11/30/10  –  Behind the Scenes with Chevy VOLT: Official Launch Day

11/24/10  –  Behind the Scenes with Chevy VOLT: the EPA announces Chevy VOLT rated at 93 MPGe

11/8/10  –  Behind the Scenes with Chevy VOLT: Karl Chevrolet shares our First Drive

11/2/10  –  Behind the Scenes with Chevy VOLT: First Visit to New Canaan!

10/18/10  –  The Chevy VOLT Unplugged Tour is coming to New York!

10/5/10  –  How does the new Chevrolet VOLT work?

9/29/10  –  Chevrolet Announces VOLT Customer Advisory Board


9/10/10  –  GM Ventures and Itochu invest $4.2M in Michigan battery company Sakti3

9/10/10  –  Chevrolet VOLT will be at Live Green CT!

9/9/10  –  A new Concern: Can the gas in my car’s tank go stale?

8/24/10  –  Take a virtual test drive in the 2011 Chevy VOLT with AOL Autos!

8/21/10  –  Chevy VOLT turns heads at the Famous Woodward Cruise

8/16/10  –  AOL Autos takes a tour of the Chevy VOLT…. See why VOLT could be the perfect car for you!

8/3/10  –  KARL Chevrolet in New Canaan is taking orders for the all-new 2011 Chevy VOLT


8/3/10  –  Remember when…. the Chevy VOLT was just a Bold Dream?

7/30/10  –  2011 Chevy VOLT Ordering Guide from KARL Chevrolet in New Canaan CT

7/30/10  –  What makes the Chevrolet VOLT a better Electric Car for Connecticut Drivers?

7/27/10  –  2011 Chevrolet VOLT starts at $41,000

7/26/10  –  GM Rumored to Release Chevy VOLT Pricing on Tuesday, July 27th

7/15/10  –  A look inside the Battery that powers the 2011 Chevrolet VOLT….


7/14/10  –  What does the Chevy VOLT mean for Metro NY and CT drivers?

7/1/10  –  New York City is Confirmed as a Chevy VOLT Launch Market … Connecticut to Follow

6/30/10  –  GM Set to Announce New York City and Austin, TX are added to Chevy VOLT Launch Markets

6/21/10  –  Getting to know the 2011 Chevrolet VOLT

6/3/10  –  Chevrolet and OnStar join forces to provide Safety Training on Chevy VOLT

12/1/09  –  Chevy VOLT moves a step closer to reality…

10/28/09  –  Get those creative juices flowing… name the signature color for Chevy VOLT

9/19/10  –  What will Dealer’s charge for the new Chevy VOLT?

4/8/08  –  Tracking The Chevy Volt

4/3/08  –  The Race For The Battery Of 2010


The Chevrolet VOLT has been the focus of countless media stories over the past several years.  In fact, during the darkest days of General Motor’s bankruptcy filing, the VOLT became a becon of hope for many GM insiders, who saw this vehicle as a way to re-invent the image and reputation of General Motors as a world leader in Automotive Technology.

Shortly after the original VOLT concept was unvieled in January of 2007, Dr. Lyle Dennis began writing and publishing articles on his own private website –  Although a full-time physician, Lyle is a highly-committed advocate for widespread use of alternative energy and petroleum displacement, and believes the adoption of this vehicle will have a tremendously positive impact both on this country and the world as a whole.  Although he has some engineering background, Lyle does not in any way work for General Motors (GM) or the car industry at all.  The success of his website and the grass roots publicity it has generated for the Chevrolet VOLT, is a testament to a brilliant idea executed to perfection.

There is no doubt in Dr. Lyle Dennis’s mind, nor ours here at KARL Chevrolet, that the Chevy VOLT is both a concept and a vehicle whose time has come.  We believe the VOLT will just be the beginning of the electification of the automobile as we know it and a move toward United States Energy independence.  Drivers from all over Connecticut and New York will find that the VOLT provides a sense of freedom that people have never experienced.  By simply plugging in overnight, most drivers will be free from a regular stop at the gas station – and those savings will quickly begin to add up!

Our staff here at KARL Chevrolet is committed to becoming the Metro New York area’s leading authorities on VOLT sales and service information.  We look forward to assiting you and providing a full explaination of the Chevy VOLT’s advanced features and capabilities.  Thanks for visiting!

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