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Why You Should Only Use Genuine OEM Parts on Your Chevrolet

There's an old saying that if you think top-of-the-line products and services are expensive, wait until you get something for cheap! This is certainly true when it comes to replacement parts for your Chevrolet or any other GM-manufactured vehicle. It is always best to use Genuine GM parts or AC Delco parts when repairs are…
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Replacing Your Tires

Tires are one of, if not the most important component on your vehicle. They grip the road to keep you going in the direction intended. Ensuring proper air pressure, and regular alignments along with regular tire rotating and balancing will ensure you will get the most out of your tires. But sooner or later it…
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Auto Emergency Tool Kit

New motorcycles usually come with a pretty decent set of basic/emergency tools with which you can handle almost any minor breakdown -- and even a few not-so-minor ones. But with cars, it's different. Only a few come with anything more than a jack and lug nut wrench to change a tire. Apparently, motorcyclists, as a…
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