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Tires are one of, if not the most important component on your vehicle. They grip the road to keep you going in the direction intended. Ensuring proper air pressure, and regular alignments along with regular tire rotating and balancing will ensure you will get the most out of your tires. But sooner or later it will come time to replace your tires and you will be faced with two decisions. The first decision is the type of tires you purchase. The second being where to get them installed.

At the Karl Chevrolet service department here in New Canaan CT, We suggest choosing OEM approved tires. These are typically the tires your vehicle came with out of the factory, and there are many reasons to choose OEM approved. For starters, OEM approved tires ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Since these are the tires Chevrolet tested and tuned your vehicle with, you will not have to worry about a less comfortable ride. The other major reason you’ll want to choose OEM approved tires is due to safety.

Since your vehicle was developed with the tires it currently has fitted to it, the vehicle was produced and tuned to ensure maximum safety and grip for the tires installed. Choosing a non-OEM approved tire for your vehicle may hinder grip and may jeopardize the ability for your vehicle to perform as safely as possible. Take the time to do your research, you can find a full line of OEM approved and optional tires by visiting our online tire center  where you can find the tires that are right for your Chevrolet AND schedule an appointment to have them installed.

Why should you have your tires replaced at a certified Chevrolet service center like our?

Speaking of installing tires, that brings us to our next point; where to have your tires installed. There is no better place to have OEM approved Chevrolet tires installed than at a Certified Chevrolet Service Center like ours here in New Canaan CT. First off, there is fantastic, almost certain chance that we will have your tires in stock ready to go so there will be less of a chance you’ll have to wait long for your new tires. We also have the latest, most technologically advanced equipment available for tires. Our tire installation machines are specially designed to ensure clean, quick installation without worrying about scratching those gleaming rims.

On top of that our tire balancing machine ensures you get the most accurate balance so that you never have to worry about your vehicle shaking on the highway from inefficient wheel balancing. A properly balanced tire not only ensures safety but helps to ensure your tires last longer. Once your new tires and installed, we will set your vehicle up on our state of the art alignment machine to make sure the suspension of your vehicle is reset to maximize vehicle stability and guard against premature tire wear. In case you didn’t know, anytime we replace two tires we will always recommend an alignment be performed.

Lastly, for vehicles with tire pressure monitors, we have the OEM approved computers to set and reset the monitors in your vehicle, something not all independent shops have. So you can be assured when you replace your tires with OEM approved tires and have them replaced at a certified Chevrolet service center like our, not only will you get expert service, but you’ll know your vehicle is being repaired with only the latest technology.