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The Chevrolet Volt has created an entirely new segment of vehicles in the automotive marketplace known as “Extended Range Plug-In Electrics”.  The reality is that plug-in electric vehicles are here to stay.  Battery technology coupled with electric drive motors have developed in such a way that they are now fully capable of supporting the daily driving habits of many American drivers.  The amazing efficiency of a gasoline free electric car means you will never have to buy gas.  But a pure plug-in Electric vehicle does have limitations.  A pure Electric vehicle is limited in range, meaning you can only travel as far as the energy in the battery will take you – and if you want to get home on the same trip, you can only drive half of that range as you need the other half for the trip home.

However, the Chevy Volt’s ‘extended range’ capabiliy completely removes driving range from the equation.  We hope the following video test drive provides some insight into how the Volt works and why virtually 100% of current Chevy Volt owners would highly recommend the Volt to their family, friends and co-workers.  Watch this 10 minute video and learn how you can begin driving gas-free today!



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