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All you had to do was watch the Super Bowl to realize there are lots of new car models hitting the market.  It seems that auto manufacturers have a never ending stream of ‘new models’ offering styling and features for just about every consumer want and need.  So what makes one model stand out from the rest?

Sometimes it is head turning good looks, sometimes it is exceptional acceleration and handling, and sometimes it is ground breaking new technology.  Sometimes a new model captures the attention of the automotive press and mainstream consumers alike.  And every once in a lifetime, a vehicle comes along that transcends all of these categories while capturing a massive amount of attention.

The Chevrolet Volt is our generation’s transcendent vehicle.  The Volt bridges the gap between the gasoline powered autos and conventional hybrids of the past 100 years and a future personal transportation system dominated by ultra efficient, near zero emission vehicles with a range of powertrains.  The Chevy Volt is the world’s first extended range electric vehicle.  And exactly what does the world have to say about it?  Plenty.  Take a look…..

And you don’t have to take the Automotive press’s word for it.  Ask any Volt driver about their car and we are confident you’ll hear great things.  Here at Karl Chevrolet, we’ve delivered over twenty-five new Votls to a wide range of consumers.  Each may use their new Chevy Volt slightly differently, but each is experiencing significantly reduced operating expenses over their previous vehicle, superior ride and handling, and the awesome feeling of driving past countless gas stations.  In fact, the average Volt buyer is going almost 2 months between fill-ups.

We’ve surveyed our local Connecticut and New York Chevy Volt buyers and found the following key motivations for considering a Volt in the first place:

  1. To achieve freedom from imported oil
  2. To dramatically improve fuel economy
  3. To achieve operating cost savings
  4. To help protect the environmnet
  5. To drive using American Made Energy
  6. And to do it all without giving up the freedom to drive anywhere you want at any time you want to go

If one or more of these reasons rings true to you, perhaps you are ready to take a closer look at the Chevy Volt.  We invite you to view our current Chevy Volt inventory or come in for a test drive.  Karl Chevrolet is committed to always have a Chevy Volt on hand available for test drives.  We’ll even have it charged up and ready to go using our solar generated power!

Solar Array on the Roof of Karl Chevrolet's showroom at 261 Elm Street in New Canaan CT

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