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December 16, 2010 – New Canaan, CT

The first 2011 Chevy VOLT's arrive at KARL Chevrolet in New Canaan CT

The first 2011 Chevrolet VOLT Electric Cars have arrived at KARL Chevrolet in New Canaan, CT.  After almost four years of anticipation, the VOLT is now a reality that America can be proud of.  This car represents our country’s best hopes of dramatically reducing our economy’s dependence on foreign oil.  While not for everyone, the 2011 Chevy VOLT is the perfect vehicle for any customer who travels a predictable 30 to 50 miles per day and then takes an occasional longer trip.  With the VOLT’s 35 to 50 mile all-electric range, the average driver will use no gasoline in their daily commute.  But with the VOLT’s onboard gas-powered generator, the VOLT is the world’s only Electric Vehicle with virtually unlimited range.  A tank of fuel will take you an additional 320+ miles before you need to stop to recharge or simply fill up with gas like a normal vehicle.

In a word the VOLT is refined.  This car will surprise virtually everyone who sits behind the wheel and observes the quality finishes, amenities and creature comforts, and overall appearance.  But it will simply amaze those lucky enough to take a drive.  Over the VOLT’s development, GM certainly took many shots from negative press reports about spending money developing the VOLT concept, which many believed was a fantasy that would simply never happen.  Well, one by one, those same critics have come full circle as GM has in fact delivered on the original VOLT promise:  an electric car capable of a 40 mile range with a range extending on-board generator.  The production vehicle is flawless in execution and remarkable in performance.  And what really make the VOLT special is that you just get in it and drive.  The VOLT starts, performs and feels like a familiar friend.  While the car is loaded with high-tech features, it does not take any special training to get in and drive. 

KARL Chevrolet is proud to be named one of a limited number of Official VOLT Launch Market dealers.  Our staff is committed to becoming the area’s leading experts in all matters relating to the VOLT – including sales, service, and long-term maintenance (which, by the way, we expect to be minimal).  Today is an exciting day as we receive shipment of our first two Chevy VOLT’s.  Soon they will be in the driveway of some very lucky customers!