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Monday, November 8, 2010 – Secaucus, NJ and New Canaan, CT

That’s right, were coming to you from the Meadowlands in New Jersey, where GM is conducting sales and service training for dealership staff ahead of the official launch of the 2011 Chevy VOLT later this month.

About a dozen team members from KARL Chevrolet will be attending this training over the next few days, but the first few, including Leo Karl III, Sales Consultant Rob Ferraro, and Service Manager Jay Bradley, were lucky enough to get to brave a blustery, cold and sleet filled Monday morning at the Meadowlands.  Despite the weather, our spirits were not dampened.  The 2011 Chevy VOLT is coming to market and this is the REAL DEAL!  Words like WOW, Amazing, Incredible, and Outstanding do not begin to do the VOLT justice.

The VOLT is the world’s first Extended Range Electric Vehicle, EREV for short, born out of an auto show concept in January 2007 that has come to life during some of the most challenging economic times our country and industry has ever faced.  Despite all sorts of outside challenges, a core team of Engineers at General Motors worked with lazer focus and determination to bring the VOLT to life.  The result is a vehicle that will change public perceptions about what a vehicle is all about.  The VOLT is destined to change opinions one at a time, and all it will take is one turn behind the wheel.

To give you just a glimpse of what driving a VOLT is like, Rob Ferrero takes us on a drive around an obstacle course at the Meadowlands:


For comparison purposes, Rob also drove a 2010 Toyota Prius around the same course:

We can’t wait to begin providing you, our customers, with personalized demo drives in the VOLT around the streets of New Canaan and surrounding Fairfield County.  The excitement level continues to build!