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With the 2021 Chevrolet Suburban being brand new this year one thing many customers will notice is that there are now multiple trim levels moving forward as opposed to only a few trims levels as in the past.

On the 2021 Suburban’s top two trim models; The Z71 and High Country edition you will find one of the Suburban’s most advanced options for people looking for both comfort, improved fuel economy, and overall versatility; air ride adaptive suspension technology.

Air ride adaptive suspension technology has many benefits to today’s modern driver… AND passenger. Let’s look at a few of them.

The Basics: Underneath your 2021 Chevrolet Suburban, towards the front and secured between 2 cross members is an air pump. The air pump controls suspension height in each of the four shock absorbers. The pump will fill the shock absorber with air to raise the vehicle or pump air out of each of the 4 shock absorbers as needed to lower the vehicle. The pump can raise or lower the vehicle up to 4 inches.

Your 2021 Suburban’s computer system calculates weight distribution throughout the cabin, and will automatically adjust ride height at all four corners.

The Benefits: First off, you have the choice between automatic and manual mode. Manual mode is typically used to raise the vehicle during off-road type situations. Manually lowering the vehicle is typically used for easier ingress and egress.

In automatic mode, the vehicle will self-level to reduce things like body roll. Overall the goal is to offer a smoother, more comfortable ride. but that’s not all! In automatic mode, during highway driving, the vehicle will automatically lower itself to make it more aerodynamic which helps to improve fuel efficiency.

Indeed many of our New Canaan Area Chevrolet Suburban shoppers will want to opt for this option to provide a smooth and comfortable ride for the entire family as well as help to improve highway fuel economy for those long trips.

The Chevrolet Suburban has always been our top-selling vehicle and with this year’s upgrade in both design and features, we don’t see it becoming less popular anytime soon. Feel free to browse our website at to see our selection today.

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