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2011.04.20 Volt on stage 2 chargerIf you have ever considered an Electric Vehicle, or were just curious to learn more about one first hand, you may have visited a local dealership.  If your experience was like many consumers, you may have quickly learned that not all dealers are alike!

In fact, a quick browse of the internet and you may find articles like “5 Issues Consumers face at Dealerships”.  Our easy answer:

“5 Reasons EV Shoppers should visit Karl Chevrolet in New Canaan, CT”

  1. Karl Chevrolet has EV’s in stock and our staff loves to talk about them. From the Chevy Volt Extended Range EV to the Chevy Bolt EV, Karl has a plug-in EV that fits the majority of driver’s needs.  Our staff will take the time to learn about your typical daily driving needs and then answer all of your questions and help you answer the simple question:  “Is an EV right for me?”  We can even arrange overnight test drives to help you engage with a plug-in EV in your everyday life.  If you are like most consumers, you’ll quickly learn that an EV offers plenty of benefits with very few, if any, drawbacks.  Once you plug-in, its hard to go back to the gas pump!
  2. We know EV Charging and we’re happy to discuss your options. From the local Public EV Charging infrastructure, to tips on Charging while traveling, to ideas on Home EV Charging, we’ve got you covered.  In fact, Karl Chevrolet has taken a leadership role in helping to build out the Public EV charging infrastructure around Fairfield County.  CLICK HERE for a current map of Connecticut EV charging stations.  In addition to those shown on this map, there are many others located at private businesses in the area.  Karl has supported the installation of charging stations at Norwalk Community College, the Tri-Town Teachers Municipal Credit Union in Westport, and several other locations.
  3. Mastering the maze of EV incentives – that’s our business! There are many different Federal, State, and Manufacturer incentives on the purchase or lease of an Electric Vehicle- and our staff knows how to walk you through each of these to maximize your savings.  It can all get a bit confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.  Spending a little time upfront answering some basic questions helps our staff save you significantly.  And the best part?  We sweat the details by handling almost all of the paperwork for you!  In most cases, you simply have to reply to an email, answer a brief survey, and you’ve captured your maximum savings without breaking a sweat!
  4. Every EV comes with a FULL CHARGE. Unlike some other dealers, Karl Chevrolet keeps our Electric Vehicle inventory fully charged and ready to go.  So weather you are here for a test drive or to take delivery, you’ll get the full EV experience as you’ll be able to drive a plug-in and enjoy real world driving.  Plus, if you bring your EV in for service, we’ll be sure to charge it while we have it here using our Solar Powered EV chargers!  We have 2 outdoor Level 2 EV Charging stations that are open to the public at night and on the weekends, so if you come to New Canaan to shop, go to dinner, or see a movie, you are welcome to plug-in and charge-up on us.
  5. We know EV’s! Our Sales Consultants (and Service Consultants) know EV’s and love to talk about them.  In fact, several of us on staff own or lease a plug-in EV as our personal vehicle.  So you’ll be speaking to folks who speak your language.  It’s time to turn car shopping into a pleasant experience by visiting Karl Chevrolet in New Canaan, CT.  It’s no wonder Karl is one of the leading Chevy Volt dealer in the metro New York Market.  But don’t take our word for it – read what our customers have to say…..

Our commitment to you is simple:  We strongly believe that EV’s will become a significant portion of our transportation fleet and we want to help one consumer at a time become comfortable with these new vehicles and the technology they offer.  No matter if an EV proves to be the right choice for you or not, we welcome the opportunity to discuss Electric Vehicles. We promise to value your time as we hope you will value ours.

So whether you are in the market for a plug-in EV or just curious to learn more, you are hereby invited to stop in!  Our staff would love to meet you, discuss your needs, and show off the amazing EV’s in Chevrolet’s line-up.