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June 14, 2014  –  New Canaan, CT

On June 14, 2014, the “Wash and Win” Contest, co-sponsored by Splash Car Wash and Karl Chevrolet, culminated with a ‘Start-Me-Up’ Event held at our showroom in New Canaan, CT.  All of our weekly key winners were invited to attend to take a turn and see if their key would start the new Chevy Corvette Stingray.

The team from Splash Car Wash provided a breakfast buffet, complete with eggs, sausage, potatos, bagels, muffins and more.  After key winners registered, each winner deposited their name into a barrel.  Once registration was closed, a table containing the same number of key boxes as winners present was brought out to the showroom floor.  Splash owners Mark Curtis and Chris Fisher manned the barrel and selected names one by one.  As each name was read, the winner came up to the table and selected the key box they wanted to try.  Steve Karl provided instructions to each winner as they slipped into the driver’s seat of the Corvette Stingray to give the key a try.

The event was broadcast live on 95.9FM the Fox, a Connoisseur Media Station, with Peter Bush acting as Emcee.  As the event went on, the excitement grew as one after another key winner tried, yet the Corvette’s small block V8 engine remained silent.  Incredibly, it went all the way to the LAST key holder, Brett Wien, from Greenwich, holding lucky box #28, for us to hear the sweet sound of that 455 hp 6.2 liter LT1 engine roar to life.

Congratulations Brett! …. And to all the other key winners on a fantastic event!  Thank you for being part of it!  And if you missed it, enjoy this quick video recap of the highlights…..





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