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New Canaan, CT

Today, one of our customers, Sandi Gladstone, from Stamford, CT sent us the following Top 10 list and we thought we’d share it:

My top 10 reasons for buying a Chevrolet Volt

  1. I have purchased many new cars in my lifetime, but not one can come close to the exhilaration I felt when I first drove my Volt.  I am very careful with my money, and sensitive to the environment in which we live.  I watch fuel prices and carefully monitor what my vehicles cost to maintain.  As gas prices keep rising, I feel better and better as I drive my Volt.
  2. I like “Going Green” and becoming less dependent on fossil fuels. My generation rebelled & led protests against things that we felt were not right.   Driving the Volt feels right, and it brings something back from the past for the future. Quiet, efficient, ecological driving. In addition it looks great and it’s comfortable to drive.
  3. Buying American- Obviously we need to spend money that supports the United States economy. It’s only right to help get America back on its feet by encouraging manufacturing and new jobs for Americans.
  4. Economically it made a great deal of sense.  I purchased my Volt in late December and now 3 months later it still did not need any fuel.  Only last week I decided to fill the gas tank as I was just curious to see how much it would take. It took $15.00 worth. We are averaging an astonishing 96 miles to the gallon!
  5. The tax incentive of $7500 really helped us to bring down the cost of the car.
  6. Security- the car makes me feel more secure, as I don’t have to worry if there is a charging station where I’m driving to.  And I can extend my trip without worry.
  7. There’s no fear of a power outage with the Volt’s dual usage capability.
  8. The technology keeps upgrading, and battery replacement costs keep lowering with new breakthroughs.
  9. Volt has a great warranty, and combined with Karl Chevrolet’s personal customer care, I am assured of service that I can depend on.
  10.  And did I mention fun… I just wanted you to know I love driving my Volt.

Sandi Gladstone

If you’ve followed our blog site, you know we love the Chevy Volt here at KARL Chevrolet.  We have now delivered over twenty-five Volts and every owner is extremely pleased with their purchase.  The Volt is quickly proving to be the perfect vehicle for many Fairfield and Westchester county consumers who find they can complete thier daily drive using NO GAS on most days with the Volt.  And while every customer has not sent us their own ‘Top 10’ list like Sandi, we can assure you they have one!