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New Canaan, CT

The Chevrolet Volt is a ground-breaking new vehicle.  The Volt is the world’s first Extended Range Electric Vehicle.  The Volt has won a record number of awards and been critically acclaimed in the automotive press.  But how does it perform in the real world?

Here are some quotes from local Chevy Volt owners who have commented on their experience with the Volt….

“The Volt only seems expensive on the surface. Dig a little deeper and soon you’ll realize that after the tax credit(s), it’s no more expensive than a comparably equipped Camry or Accord. My Volt was only slightly more expensive than what I’ve paid in the past for a Ford Explorer, Jaguar X-Type, BMW 323, etc. However, none of those other cars ever saved me $250-$300 a month in gas.”  Kent, NY

Kurt's Chevy Volt dash display at 5,702 miles having used just 0.3 gallons of gas!

Kurt’s Chevy Volt center dash display at 5,702 miles driven using only 0.3 gallons of gas!  Impressive!

“The Chevy Volt is exceptional technology.  It just flat works.  A pleasure to drive and remarkable efficiency.  I’ve driven over 8,633 miles and I’ve only filled the gas tank once!” Kurt, CT

“Had it for six weeks now and it never ceases to amaze me. I’m extremely proud that our country is being aggressive in taking the lead in advanced technologies beyond video games, coupon websites, and flash stock trading programs.”  Bob, CT

“In 7 days from today I will have owned my Volt for one year.   I’ve driven 9,442 miles (7,305 EV Miles using NO GAS) and this is the Best Car I’ve ever owned. Flawless, you are getting your money’s worth here.”  Airton, NY

Wouldn’t you like to be this enthusiastic about the car you are driving?  Allow us to show you how a Chevy Volt could have a positive impact on your daily commute and your wallet.  Check out our current Chevy Volt inventory or look into placing a custom order.

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