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Ever wished you could see exactly how a new car is built?  Check out this great footage of the Chevy Volt being built at GM’s Detroit Hamtramck Plant.  The Chevrolet Volt is designed and built in the USA, creating American Jobs – which is a GREAT thing for our national economy.  Besides that, every Chevy Volt built and sold represents a decrease in our nation’s dependency on foreign oil.  The net result is an improvement in the US balance of trade; an increase in US based manufacturing jobs; and a decrease in dollars leaving the US economy.  Talk about win-win-win!

Check out how the VOLT is built….

Karl Chevrolet in New Canaan is ready to show you the ground-breaking Chevy Volt in person! We always have a Volt available for test drives and our staff is prepared to answer all of your EV questions.

Electric vehicles are not for everyone; but if you are a driver with a fairly consistent daily driving pattern, an EV may be the perfect fit.  What truly separates the Chevy Volt from a pure EV is its on-board range extending generator.  This small, fuel-efficient gas engine seamlessly starts up when the Volt’s battery is depleted – after around 40 miles of driving.  So if you need to drive further than 40 miles on any given day, the generator runs just fast enough to produce the right amount of electricity to keep you going.  You can continue to drive at highway speeds if needed and you’ll travel another 350 miles or so before needing to stop and refuel the generators 9 gallon fuel tank.  Statistics show that over 75% of American driver’s drive less than 40 miles per day.

The beauty of the Chevy VOLT is that on most days, the typical driver will use ZERO gasoline!  That’s 0 gallons of gas; NO gas; zip; nada; not a drop!  Volt drivers share a universal thrill – driving by their favorite gas station and simply waving!  With gas hovering over $4.00 per gallon that is a great feeling!  A simple habit change – plugging in your car each night when  you get home – leads to significant savings.  At current CL&L electric rates in Connecticut, it costs about $1.50 to charge the Volt from empty.  Think about it:  change your daily habit by plugging in your car at night and go from spending $50, $70 or even more per week on gas, to spending about $10 per week on electricity!

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