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Chevy Volt owners say 'no thanks' to gas A special message for our customer’s lucky enough to be driving a new Chevy Volt – and for anyone else wondering what it would be like!

Chevy Volt drivers are experiencing a strange new phenomenon – they just keep driving past gas stations.  Owners regularly report traveling 500, 1,000, even 2,500 miles WITHOUT having to stop for gas.  How?  The Volt travels about 40 miles on a charge.  So anyone driving about 40 miles per day or less, can go for days, weeks, even months without needing gas.  Each night, they simply have gotten into the habit of plugging their Volt into a standard grounded 120V wall outlet, or a special 240V charging station, and their Volt is ready to go the next day.  Using a standard 120V outlet, the Volt takes about 8 hours to fully recharge and uses about $1.75 of electricity at Connecticut rates.

So exactly what do Volt owners do if they happen to find themselves at a gas station?  Here are some ideas:



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