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November 18, 2010 – New Canaan, CT

We would be remiss if we didn’t shout out a CONGRATULATIONS to General Motors leadership on a very successful IPO today.  It is great to see the ‘GM’ ticker symbol back on the stock exchanges.

Today’s stock offering is not the beginning nor the end; but rather another checkpoint on the road to returning General Motors to the world’s BEST AUTOMAKER status it long enjoyed.  No matter what your political perspectives, this is a solid day for American Capitalism as GM has successfully emerged from Government majority ownership in a much quicker timeframe than even the most optimisitic observers.  No, the government loans are not paid in full,  yet, but there has been a significant dent put into the total due.

The best part is that American consumers can wake up and take a look at GM in a new light.  GM is currently producing some of the world’s best products.  GM’s sales in China and other emerging markets around the world have been gaining strength for some time now; and GM is poised to see a continued resurgence here in the United States with a tremendous lineup of new products.  We welcome the chance to serve new customers here at KARL Chevrolet and we congratulate GM on making such incredible progress in such a short timeframe.