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Chevrolet Volt Plant Manager, Teri Quigley, with the 2011 Chevrolet VOLT

In our lifetime, there has not been another new vehicle that has garnered so much attention and grass-roots interest as the Chevy VOLT ….. and its not even available for sale until late November 2010!  Since its debut as a concept car at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2007, I have closely followed the development of the VOLT and GM’s unique VOLTEC powertrain technology.  Perhaps it was GM executive Bob Lutz’s bold proclimation that GM would build a car that could travel 40 miles on electric power and then an additional 300+ miles of electric driving utilizing an onboard gas-powered generator.  Or perhaps it was GM’s candid and open development process that allowed virtually unheard of open access to their work on VOLT.  Or perhaps it is quite simply the fact that VOLT arrives to the market at a time when consumers are sensing a new-found National Pride in products built here in the U.S. combined with the prevailing public opinion that we need to shed our dependence on imported foriegn oil.  Whatever the case may be, I believe the Chevy VOLT is the right idea at the right time.

We are now just a matter of weeks before the VOLT becomes a reality!  And that initial promise of 40 miles electric plus 300+ miles of extended range has come true.  In fact, early indications are the VOLT may achieve up to 50 miles of all-electric range before it uses a drop of gasoline in the on-board generator.  That kind of range is more than enough to get the typical Fairfield County consumer from their home to work and back.  This will easily cover a commute from Danbury to Greenwich, or Fairfield to Stamford, or Westport to Rye NY.  The VOLT represents more than just a new product or idea.  The VOLT represents the new General Motors Corporations return to international engineering excellence.  GM has long been THE innovative manufacturing company in the auto industry.  But over the past couple of decades, that reputaion faded.  The new GM that emerged from bankruptcy last summer, is not only leaner but is much more focused.  Execute the design and production of the highest quality vehicles with features and attributes that consumers are looking for, and success will follow.  The VOLT is just the next step in that progression.

But exactly how does the VOLT work?  And how will it perform for New York and Connecticut drivers?  Below is an excellent series of videos that review various features and functions of the VOLT – these are a great way to get to know the Chevy VOLT up close and in detail.  If these videos perk your interest, please let us know and we’ll be  happy to schedule your own personal test drive once the VOLT becomes available.  For additional information on ordering a VOLT from KARL Chevrolet, follow the link below the last video.  Enjoy! ….


Chevy VOLT Green Leaf Button:







And perhaps the coolest feature, the ONSTAR MOBILE APP FOR CHEVY VOLT:

KARL Chevrolet, located in New Canaan, CT, has been named an Official VOLT Launch Market Dealer and will be one of the first dealerships in the country receiving the all-new 2011 Chevrolet VOLT.  While we have had significant interest in the VOLT, we do expect to have open allocation for additional orders to be built during the 2012 calendar year.  Further, we have committed to keep a 2011 Chevrolet VOLT available at our dealership for test drives should any interested consumer in the area be interested in taking a personal test drive to experience the VOLT first hand.  CLICK HERE for information on placing an order for the new Chevy VOLT.  We anticipate offering a very attractive introductory Special VOLT Lease…. stay tuned for details!

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