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Only in America!  ….Well, actually that’s because they only build Chevrolet Corvette’s in America!

If you’ve ever had your hands on a cold steel piston, or dreamed about building a race engine, or you’re just searching for the perfect, over-the-top gift for that special guy who has everything, then KARL Chevrolet has the answer.  For the 2011 model year, Chevrolet will now allow customers to schedule a personalized trip to the Corvette engine plant to assist the professional engine builders while they build your new Corvette engine.  We simply include option PBC (Corvette Engine Build Experience) on the order for your new Corvette Z06 or ZR1, at a cost of just $5,800, and you add the experience of a lifetime to the car of your dreams.  Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll get to do:

The Corvette Engine Build Experience is a regular production option (PBC) for Customers that order a 2011 Z06 or ZR1 that allows them to build their own LS7 or LS9 engine at the GM Performance Build Center. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will appeal to true performance car enthusiasts, anyone with a passion for their own performance car, or anyone whose had a lifelong dream of owning their very own Corvette. 

Karl Chevrolet in New Canaan will make all necessary arrangements and assist with concierge level service throughout the process.  Owning a Corvette is a specail treat for anyone lucky enough to get behind the wheel; but the Corvette Engine Build Experience takes it to another level entirely!

While the Engine Build itself is the focal point, the overall event has been designed to provide the buyer and one guest with a VIP experience, including:

• A dedicated cell phone number and email address — to a personal Concierge, who will arrange their entire experience based on their preferences and tastes
o Included in the option package price are one night’s hotel for two, dining and event-related transportation

o Travel expenses to and from Detroit will be at the Customer’s expense

• KARL Chevrolet will provide a driver and car for trasportation from your home to your departure airport    

• A driver and car waiting for them at the Detroit airport upon arrival; this transportation will be provided for all event-related travel

o The Concierge will also arrange a rental car, at the Customer’s expense, if they so choose

• Arrival night dinner, and build-day catered breakfast and lunch with GM Performance Build Center personnel

• VIP treatment at the GM Performance Build Center, including a day of hands-on building — with one-on-one supervision by a PBC craftsman — you will never forget!

• Professional photographs of the Engine Build, along with a few more commemorative surprises!

Wow!……What an amazing potential experience!  So what to order on that new Corvette?  Here is a look at what’s new for 2011:

2011 Corvette Z06 New Features and Options:

New Standard Features:
Goodyear F1 Supercar Generation 2 tires and aggressive dual mode exhaust tuning 

New Packages:
CFZ – Black Carbon Fiber Package, featuring:

  • Black painted Carbon Fiber front splitter

  • Black painted Carbon Fiber side rockers

  • Black painted Carbon Fiber roof (saves 6 lbs.)

  • Body color ZR1 style rear spoiler

  •  Z07 – Performance Package

  • Brembo Carbon Ceramic Brake System

  • 20-spoke Competition Gray wheels: 19x10front & 20×12 rear

  • Michelin PS2 tires: 285/30-19 front & 335/25-20 rear

  • Magnetic Selective Ride Control 

2011 Corvette Enhancements:

For the 2011 model year, Corvette will offer the following enhancements:

  • 10 color choices on all models including new Inferno Orange and Supersonic Blue

  • New custom color stitching option (Blue, Red, Yellow)

  • New headlamp contrasting color option (Cyber Gray, Black, Blade Silver)

  • New wheels for Corvette Coupe and Convertible

  • Crossed drilled brake optional  on Coupe and Convertible

  • Magnetic Selective Ride Control now available on all models

  • USB Port and Input Jack included with the available U3U Navigation System

  • New Six-Speed Automatic Paddle Shift Feature

  • D Mode – Paddle Shift Override Feature allows for use of paddles in Drive mode to override gear selection

  • Auto mode takes over after paddles are not used for 10 seconds

  • Dual Steering Mode Calibration

  • Standard Mode – Comprehends the need for one versus two handed steering efforts; allows the driver to maintain heading without experiencing any fatigue over long periods of time

  • Performance Mode – Higher steering efforts for better driving communication with the tire patch; calibrated on the race track and winding mountain roads

OK, so you are excited!  Understandably so!  We’ve taken the time to answer some frequently asked questions just in case you may have thought of them!  Of course, we’d much rather discuss the program in person, so please call or email us!

Q. Will the Customer’s role in the Engine Build affect the warranty?
A. No. The Customer Build Experience will be supervised by one of the Performance Build Center’s skilled craftsmen, and all engines that are built at the PBC are fully tested and certified before leaving the facility.

Q. Does the Customer have to have mechanical experience or certification in order to take part in the Corvette Engine Build Experience?
A. No. Because the Experience will be guided by a GM Performance Build Center craftsman, Customers of all mechanical capabilities – from seasoned mechanics to those that have never lifted a hood – can enjoy the unique thrill of building their own LS7 or LS9. In fact, a Customer may even practice on a non-production engine to get the feel before starting on his/her own engine.

Q. How long after the vehicle is ordered will the Customer build his/her engine?
A. While the timing is subject to overall production schedules, the Customer will be given a two-week window during which to select a weekday build date. This window will typically occur roughly a month after the vehicle is ordered.

Q. What is included in the Engine Build Experience option package?
A. The option price includes the Engine Build Experience, one hotel night, arrival night dinner for two, breakfast and lunch with Performance Build Center personnel, ground transportation for all Experience-related travel (including to and from the airport), and a few commemorative surprises. Potential Customer expenses include travel expenses to and from Detroit (if necessary), rental car (if chosen to replace car and driver), additional meals, or any trip extensions.

Q. What will happen once the Customer Selects the Corvette Engine Build Experience option?
A. The order system will alert the Concierge, who will contact the Customer by phone within two weeks to start the experience-planning process.

Q. What will the Concierge do for the Customer?
A. During the initial phone call, the Concierge will interview the Customer to determine his/her preferences for several
aspects of the Experience, and will then arrange the entire Experience to reflect those preferences, including flights
(if necessary), ground transportation, hotel, dining, and any other reasonable requests.

Q. What Corvette models will offer the Engine Build Experience option?
A. At this time, two models/engines are eligible for the program … the Z06 (LS7 engine) and ZR1 (LS9 engine).

Q. Where will the Experience take place?
A. The GM Performance Build Center is located in Wixom, Michigan, roughly 30 miles northwest of Detroit. Customers
requiring flights will come in to Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Those driving will be provided step-by-step directions from the Concierge.

Q. Does the Customer have the option of choosing the specific PBC craftsman with whom he/she will build the engine?
A. No. Craftsmen are scheduled for each build based on the overall production schedule of the GM Performance
Build Center.

Q. During the Corvette Engine Build Experience, can a Customer make any alterations to his/her engine?
A. No. Because the LS7 and LS9 engines are crafted to exact high-performance standards, the build must be consistent with all others to ensure proper engine performance and reliability.

Q. Will the engine built by the customer be the same engine included in the assembly of their vehicle?
A. Yes, the engine built by the customer follows the order number of the Corvette assembled in Bowling Green, KY.

Q. Is the Corvette Engine Build Experience option related to the Corvette Museum Delivery option?
A. Both options are a part of the overall Corvette Experience (as is the ZR1 Driving School), and you should recommend the entire Experience to your Customers. However, each option may be selected independently if the Customer so chooses.

Q. What are the Customer’s cancellation options once he/she selects the PBC option?
A. Once the PBC option is selected during the vehicle-order process, the Customer and Dealer will be responsible for the full cost.