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Chevy Volt pictured at Pier 92 in NYC will be offered for sale at Karl Chevrolet in New Canaan CT beginning in November 2010.The Chevrolet VOLT is inching closer to the start of retail production.  Today, General Motors CEO Ed Whitacre announced that Austin, TX and New York City have been added to California, Michigan and Washington DC as initial Launch Markets.  The VOLT is set to go into official production in November 2010 as a new 2011 model.  To celebrate, a Chevrolet VOLT will drive from Austin, TX to Pier 92 in New York City, arriving on July 4th just in time for the Macy’s Fireworks Display!

KARL Chevrolet is excited to learn that CT and NJ markets, along with the rest of NY, will become official VOLT markets in early 2011.

The Chevrolet VOLT, the first Extended Range Electric Vehicle built for the mass market, will break new ground in the way we think about our personal transportation.  The VOLT will allow the majority of American’s who commute less than 40 miles per day, to drive virtually gas-free!  The VOLT will provide approximately 40 miles of driving on a single charge, after which an onboard gas generator automatically starts and begins to sustain the vehicle’s batteries.  Known as “extended range”, this mode is expected to provide an additional 300+ miles of electric driving before a consumer would need to stop to refill the generator’s tank.  What is a Chevy Volt?  Here is a very basic sketch of this ground-breaking new vehicle and its VOLTEC powertrain technology that will allow customers to drive about 40 miles gas-free on pure electric power, then smoothly turn on an onboard gas-powered to recharge the batteries as you drive up to another 300+ miles before stopping to refill the 7 to 9 gallon tank.  The VOLT will be available at Fairfield County's premier Chevrolet Dealer - KARL Chevrolet in New Canaan CT.

Initially, the VOLT will be available in very limited quantities.  In fact, from launch in November 2010 through the 2011 Calendar Year, GM expects to build just 10,000 VOLTs.  During the 2012 Calendar Year, GM expects to build approximately 30,000 VOLTs.  In terms of other mainstream models, these are very small numbers.  However, after 2012, GM expects to ramp VOLT production up significantly as the marketing efforts spread to all fifty states and the VOLTEC technology potentially spreads to other models.

KARL Chevrolet expects to become a fully certified VOLT servicing dealer by the time the first VOLTs are shipped.  As we have since 1927, we expect to quickly become Fairfield County’s premier Chevy VOLT dealer.  Most importantly, we will endeavor to provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date information on VOLT …. and, as always, we will not over-promise.  Stay tuned to this site and look for more details as they become available.

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