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We frequently hear the question “How safe is this car?” from customers as they look at a new or pre-owned vehicle. Here in New Canaan, and all over the metro New York area, safety is very important to our clients as we are frequently talking about the family’s primary transportation. When asked, we will frequently refer to various government crash tests, independent insurance studies and other data that shows GM building some of the safest vehicles on the market today.

But just how safe are today’s cars vs. the ones many of us grew up with? Many times debates can rage for hours when comparing an athlete who played fifty years ago to one playing today.

In almost every instance, you can never get a definitive answer, as you are talking about two different eras and there is no realistic way to make an actual comparison other than a bunch of statistics. Well, I am about to share something truly amazing! The National Institute for Highway Safety (NTHSA) recently celebrated their 50th year of conducting crash tests to determine the relative safety of vehicles. Normally, these tests are used to compare the results of various models against one another, but on the occasion of their 50th Anniversary, NTHSA decided to do something special. Since Chevrolet is the NUMBER ONE selling brand of cars and has completed more successful crash tests than any other manufacturer, NTHSA decided to crash test a 1959 Chevy Impala along with a 2009 Chevy Malibu. The resulting video is a must see!

NTHSA Crash Test Video on YouTube. The video speaks for itself – today’s vehicles, while smaller, more fuel efficient, and lighter weight, are actually far safer than cars of the past. The moral of the story: Never take vehicle safety for granted!

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