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For a car below the $100k mark, you can’t beat the 2022 Corvette. At anything. Best interior, best performance, spectacular looks, and a feeling like no other. It sort of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Chevrolet Corvette. The latest rendition of the iconic model is also the best one yet and it feels our hearts with pride here at … that we’re able to help our customers own one of these incredible machines. What’s new for the 2022 model year? First is the fact that the Corvette’s engine gets updated with a new fuel injection system to come up with almost unbelievable figures. The super car’s single-engine choice is a 6.2-liter V8 that can be ordered in two configurations with mildly different outputs. It’s either the standard V8 that will produce 490 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque or the same engine but tweaked to create the version reserved for the Z51 that will deliver 495 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque. Paired with an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, the powertrain propels the 2022 Corvette from 0 to 60 mph in an unbelievable 2.8 seconds. With climate change more and more on everyone’s minds, Chevrolet also invested in better calibrating the engine so that it produces fewer emissions. Also new for 2022 is the 1000-car limited batch of IMSA GTLM Championship Edition Corvettes. Built to celebrate the model’s success in its debut racing season, the IMSA GTLM is based on the high-end 3LT trim coupled with the Z51 Performance package, on top of which numerous interior and exterior upgrades are added. Speaking of Corvette’s interior, it is unanimously agreed that this year we’re looking at the best one yet. Its unique design matches the model’s character and is centered around the driver. Built with impeccable craftsmanship and loaded with tech (such as the 8.0-inch color touch, the 12.0-inch instrument cluster, the 10-speaker premium Bose audio system, and standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay), the interior is stunning, comfortable, and delightful. Between the trunk and the frunk, the 2022 Corvette manages to provide 12.6 cubic feet of storage space, which is more than enough for two people on a weekend getaway. Between its spectacular looks and incredible road performance, the 2022 Chevrolet Corvette should cost at least twice its current price tag. Here at …, we’ve been selling Chevrolets for decades now and we can honestly say that in all that time there’s never been a better deal than this latest rendition of the Corvette. So, if you’re in the market for a supercar, you should visit Karl Chevrolet where we can not only show you all the available trims and options but also arrange for your order of a 2022 Corvette.