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If you’ve ever been told by a service advisor that you have routine maintenance due on your vehicle and brushed it off as unimportant, or “just another way for the dealer to get money out of you.” We kindly suggest that you think about it like this.

You wouldn’t skip your yearly checkup at the doctor’s office, would you? Exactly! So why skip it when it comes to your vehicle? Just like a human being, a vehicle needs regular check-ups and prescribed attention to certain areas to ensure it is running and performing tip-top.

Your engine is sort of like the heart of your vehicle and it needs not just regular checkups but it also needs routine service to keep it running as intended. This includes regular oil changes and air filter changes. Since engines produce a LOT of friction, it is of the utmost importance to ensure the engine oil is replaced when specified to protect against premature wear and component failure that can quickly equal a LARGE repair bill.

Air filters are another component that people often neglect to replace. Over time the engine air filter becomes dirty and clogged. Your engine needs a specific amount of air to operate at its most optimal level. If the air filter is clogged, the engine can’t get the appropriate amount of air which decreases performance and fuel economy and can wear on other components due to extra load. Speaking of air filtration…

One common question we get a lot in our service department is how important is it really to replace the cabin microfilter. That one is easy, the cabin microfilter, filters the air you and your family breathe inside the vehicle. You want to make sure it is clean and fresh just like the air you expect to breathe inside the vehicle.

Also, it’s not 100% about changing fluids and filters it’s also important to have a qualified technician have a look underneath your vehicle on a regular basis to ensure there are no leaks or worn-out components. Something small like a worn component that might cost $200 to fix, if unaddressed for long can easily turn into a $2000 issue. So it’s best to have a qualified professional like one of our GM certified technicians have a look to ensure your entire vehicle is safe and running at optimal levels.

If you had a heart condition or an issue with your knee, you wouldn’t leave the doctor’s office without a plan to resolve it, make sure it’s the same for your vehicle.

You can trust the service professionals at Karl Chevrolet to take care of your vehicle just like a doctor would take care of you. Ensuring that your vehicle is running properly and all components are the way they were intended to be when your vehicle left the factory.