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So you just bought your brand new (or new to you) Chevy at your local Chevrolet dealer and you’re ready to drive off the lot and into the sunset. You’re feeling awesome in your new ride as you hit the open road, but then it happens, you spot your exact same vehicle, in the exact same color. What’s a vehicle owner to do to be able to stand out? Or maybe you don’t want to stand out, just increase the comfort and utility of your vehicle. We got three words for you; Genuine GM Accessories.

When it comes to picking and choosing the right accessories, it all comes down to what you want to do. For example; perhaps you just picked up a sleek and sporty Chevy Camaro with that awesome sounding V8. Sure the car is great on its own, but what if you could add a cat back exhaust AND ground effects installed at your local authorized Chevrolet Service Center to take your new Camaro from cool to ICE COLD!?! Not only will they hear you coming down the street with that classic American V8 burble, but their eyes will be fixated on your ride thanks to those ground effects!

Or maybe those 20 inch rims that come standard on your Tahoe just aren’t cutting it anymore. You want to show the world that when you roll down the street, you roll in style, comfort, and class. Thankfully, you’re covered. You can upgrade those rims to 22 inches. Choose a nice set of bright chrome rims, a subtle silver machined set, or a set of killer black rims (don’t forget the wheel locks!). But don’t stop there! Keep your passengers entertained with headrest DVD players, and keep the factory carpet clean with all weather matts. If you really want to go all out, pick up a set of illuminated door sill plates!

But not everyone is all about upgrading their style and comfort. Some people need more cargo management and utility. Again, GM has you covered with all sorts of options. Need a cargo net or trunk organizer for your sedan or crossover, not a problem! Or perhaps you’re the outdoorsy type who likes to get away for a weekend or longer. Have a roof rack, ski rack, or bike rack installed and take off for a weekend of fun and adventure!

Whatever your needs are you can achieve them with Genuine GM Accessories, and you can buy them at Karl Chevrolet or online AND have them installed by our factory trained and certified technicians as well.