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October 7, 2011  –  New Canaan, CT

Connecticut DMV steps up to meet new 2017 Federal Identity Regulations now in 2011
We are pleased to bring some great news to our Connecticut customers and friends regarding a new CT DMV Program.  Our advice:  Elect to SelectCT ID – The next time you renew your CT Driver’s License or State ID Card, you have a chioce to make!

Starting in 2017, the Federal Government will be enacting new regulations on IDs for entering a federal building and boarding a plane and for some commercial transactions.

But On October 3rd 2011 the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles began implementation of SelectCT ID.  By adding a GOLD STAR to your driver’s license you will be in compliance with the new federal rules years before they are required and help save time when clearing through lines at airports and federal buildings.

Beginning in early October, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles will start a new program to offer verified identity protection to people renewing driver licenses and DMV-issued identification cards. This verification is already in place on applicants for new licenses and ID cards. The department will now ask renewing customers whether they want to show original identity documents to establish a record of their identity with the agency as well as for federal identification purposes. Customers can also reject the verification and simply get a regular driver’s license or ID card.
Through the program, called SelectCT ID, people verifying will get a gold star on the license or ID card. Those declining will have one stamped “Not for Federal Identification.”  The difference could be extra screening under a proposed federal program slated to go into effect in 2017 for airports and federal buildings and also use for possible commercial transactions. The program stems from national security measures and federal identification standards resulting from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the U.S. It is also designed to offer residents additional protection against identity theft by having a historical record of proven original identity documents shown to DMV.
This identity protection and verification program is a one-time review of original identity documents.

The SelectCT ID program will run for 6 years, long enough so that everyone who needs to renew their license will be able to do so under the program. 

There is no rush, as you only need to go to DMV to get a new license when your current license is set to expire.

There will be two different options for renewing a license:

Sample of new CT Driver's License with the Identity Verified GOLD Star

Option 1: Select CT ID program – Adds a GOLD Star ‘Verified Identity’ to your license

Two forms of identification – such as a birth certificate and/or a passport. 
Proof of address
Proof of social security number
Proof of any name changes
Sample of the continued conventional CT Driver's License

Option 2: Renew License – same as you have now

Renewing a driver’s license will be no different than it is now. 
Once documents are verified the person will receive a new license with a GOLD STAR on the upper right hand corner.
There is no price difference between the two licenses. 

Please contact the DMV or log onto or call 860-263-5700 for more information on Select CT ID.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no need to rush to DMV. This program is for people with expiring driver licenses or ID cards. Your current license or ID card will be honored at airports and federal buildings until its expiration, which could be months and years from now. Renewals are done only 60 days in advance of the expiration date.  So, please wait for the renewal notice and know that your current license and ID will be accepted.