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Karl Chevrolet's 2011 Chevy Volt proudly carries the CT plate 'VOLT-1'

If you were fortunate enough to be driving a Chevy VOLT, what license plate would you choose?

  • Would you just go with a standard issue plate?

  • Or would you step out and get a special Vanity Plate?

  • CLICK HERE to see what Connecituct offers for Vanity Plates!

Here are a few thought starters….

EV-PLUG Preserve the Sound SAMPLE CT Plate

VOLTE-EV United We Stand SAMPLE CT Plate

GM-VOLT Actual NY Plate

VOLT-FAN Actual CA Plate

GM-VOLT Actual FL Plate

SAMPLE CT License Plate 'EV-FAN' on the Connecticut Preserve the Sound background

HALT-C02 Actual CA License Plate

SAMPLE CT License Plate 'MAX-MPG' on Connecticut's Conserve Wildlife American Eagle Background

OK, so what would you choose to say on your VOLT license plate?  Remember, in CT you can have up to 6 characters with one space.  CLICK HERE to see if your choice is available!

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