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Hummer Era Comes to an End

 As one of our HUMMER owners, we wanted to write personally with an update on HUMMER. On a conference call to Dealer’s today, GM announced they were unable to find a buyer for the HUMMER Brand and that they will begin “wind down” of the brand immediately. This is obviously a very sad day for all HUMMER enthusiasts – including all HUMMER customers, dealers, and factory employees.

First and foremost, we want you to know that KARL Chevrolet HUMMER is not going anywhere. For over 82 years, the last 12 years with HUMMER added to our line-up, our family has been proud to offer professional, personal assistance with vehicle sales and service.

We will still be here to supply top notch Service on a day to day basis for customers throughout Connecticut and New York. 

Your Hummer Warranty will still be honored through HUMMER by KARL by GM.  

  • General Motors has committed to long-term parts availability for HUMMER.
  • If you are looking to upgrade to a New Hummer, we have a few H3’s left in stock – and there are great incentives on them – up to $6000 cash back or 0% financing on terms up to 72 months. 
  • We have recently updated our website to serve you even better – visit us at
  • We also have an amazing selection of Certified Pre-Owned H2’s and H3’s… and we will continue to seek out exclusive pre-owned inventory in the future. 
  • Now is a GREAT TIME to add that HUMMER accessory you’ve been thinking about as our inventory of accessories is now on sale! 
  • If your HUMMER is still within the Manufacturer’s Warranty, this is the time to consider extending your warranty. Ask us for a personalized quote.

HUMMER has been a great, iconic American Brand; and there is every reason to believe that, over time, those unique product traits will prove to have lasting value. HUMMER has never been a brand for everyone – but has proven to be a line of incredibly well built vehicles that have withstood anything Mother Nature has sent our way.& Please feel free to contact either of us with questions or concerns you may have. We will do our best to answer them promptly and efficiently.

We appreciate your support through the years – and hope to see you again soon!

All our best,

Leo Karl III
Beth Karl
Hummer Product Manager